At VETinfo SYSTEMS, we provide our customers and industry partners with training seminars that are designed to meet their needs. We wish to help you improve your knowledge about our company, products, and solutions to better your healthcare practices. We have developed four training classes geared to our clientele.

Administrative Training
The VETinfo SYSTEMS PACS Administrative Training Seminar is a two-day course for current or future clients of the VETinfo SYSTEMS PowerPACS/RIS product suite. This class takes an in-depth approach to each PowerPACS application. Attendees will be taught the complete skill set necessary for administrating and maintaining their PACS, as well as industry standard best practices.

On-line Application Training
For more personalized training, VETinfo SYSTEMS offers a full range of product tutorials. Using an on-line meeting platform, trainers will guide you through all the functionalities of the PowerPACS software, making sure that you are getting the most from your investment. More importantly, training can be scheduled at a time that is best for you.

Sales Training
The VETinfo SYSTEMS Sales Training Seminar is a two-day course for our technology partners in the sales field. In this course, we will provide an insider's perspective on our products and services and address the question of "Why RADinfo SYSTEMS?"

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