VETinfo SYSTEMS introduces a web-based PowerPACS and CR solution for the veterinary digital imaging industry. This combination enables practices to acquire x-ray images through advanced CR technology features, including veterinaryspecific image processing algorithms, along with standard DICOM modality.

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PowerDR Acquisition

VETinfo SYSTEMS introduces an integrated PowerPACS and DR solution for the veterinary digital imaging industry. This combination, which offers a premium x-ray system and enables practices to instantly acquire and view x-ray images, is powered by Careray technology and RADinfo SYSTEMS' robust PowerDR acquisition software. Veterinarians now have a premium DR offering available to them at an affordable price.

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Micro PowerPACS for Veterinary

A perfect solution for any Veterinary clinic, VETinfo SYSTEMS Micro PowerPACS for Veterinary integrates with any vendor's modality to provide a seamless digital environment. This powerful combination is the one stop cost saving and film-less solution for users to acquire, store, view, distribute, and manage DICOM images.

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Success Stories

"I would recommend VETinfo SYSTEMS to anyone considering a Veterinary PACS product. The service over the last 5 years has been outstanding, and the product has worked wonders for us."

Jim Bishop, Facilities Manager Coosa Valley Equine
Pell City, AL

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