PowerDR Acquisition

VETinfo SYSTEMS has partnered with Careray; offering you a complete system to provide your digital imaging solutions. ONE source for all of your digital needs.

VETinfo SYSTEMS introduces an integrated PACS and DR solution for the veterinary digital imaging industry. This combination, which offers a premium x-ray system and enables practices to instantly acquire and view x-ray images, is powered by Careray and RADinfo SYSTEMS' robust PACS. Veterinarians now have a premium DR offering available to them at an affordable price.

PowerDR Acquisition Advantages and Features

  • Designed and implemented for the veterinary industry
  • Complete out-of-the-box solution
  • True web-based system
  • Seamless workflow to acquire, view, archive, or burn CD/DVD
  • Veterinary-specific image processing algorithms
  • Significant cost savings from filmless operation
  • Maintain a minimum of 50,000 DR studies online
  • Able to acquire and display all DICOM compatible images
  • Can interface with most Practice Management (PM) systems
  • 24/7 customer support from live service personnel

DR Product Details:

  • Careray DRV high-resolution CsI based direct digital x-ray system
  • Includes Integrated DR PowerDR Acquisition software and PowerPACS to manage DICOM image data
  • The most advanced CsI DR technology ensures excellence of image quality at low X-ray dose and improves operation safety
  • Unique FAED (Full-Field Automatic Exposure Detection) offers a full-imaging-area coverage and low dose sensitivity for accountable operation in challenging situations
  • High resolution performance with MTF ~30% @ 3 lp/mm and a limiting resolution of 4.16 lp/mm
  • Ultra-high dynamic range (1400:1) with saturation dose of ~100 Gy ensures very detailed capture of both thin and thick objects
  • High DQE (>7% with RQA5) at both low and high Kv ranges
  • Fast preview mode delivers precise exposure control and premium image quality at minimum patient risk
  • Support AEC

Standard Warranty

  • Standard 3 years limited DR panel warranty
  • 1 Year on PowerDR Acquisition software and computer system

The combination of RADinfo SYSTEMS’ dynamic PowerDR Acquisition and Careray DR panel technology provides the best quality images for veterinarians to use. Rather than using multiple digital image systems, veterinarians need only ONE integrated solution can acquire, display, and archive all DICOM images.